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Root maintenance, repair, cleanse and detox

Some people prefer to only maintain the ‘length’ sections themselves and avoid the roots as the roots are more difficult to do on your own head. If you feel there is too much work to manage and crochet your dreadlocks yourself, I offer a dreadlock maintenance service.

I recommend that you come for maintenance 2/3 months after your dreadlocks have been installed. Then every 3 months until they are 1 year old. (If you have very short, or fine hair you may prefer every two months in the first year). After your dreadlocks are a year old, every six months is usual. You can expect to spend between 3-6 hrs having maintenance depending on the condition of your dreadlocks.

Having maintenance done by a loctician is personal preference, some people like a more natural ‘look’, are happy with loose hairs or happy to maintain their own. Some people like all their sections clean and tidy with all hairs tucked in and some people prefer a very natural free look. During a maintenance session I install a new root-tie and also crochet all the loose hairs back into your dreadlocks. It can be a little uncomfortable during the service but a liberating feeling afterwards having all your dreadlocks nicely separated again.

If it feels like you have lost control over your dreads, or that you need more care instruction, just get in touch and I will advise. Please ask questions as it better to ask one time too many than one too few. And it does not matter if you have questions now or in a few years.


  • Maintenance of roots (crochet & root tie). £30 per hour (usually 2-6hrs depending on any repair work required).

  • Epic maintenance of roots (crochet & root tie) and lower/mid sections £30 per hour (usually 4-7hrs depending on any repair work required)

  • Additional hair cutting for partial dreads please add £15

  • Dreadlock Detox, deep cleanse, shampoo, dry and palm roll £60-£80 (dependant on length of Dreads)

Maintenance, repair and detox: Welcome
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Maintenance, repair and detox: Image
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