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New Dreadlocks with extensions

Full Head with extensions / Half head with extensions / Mohawks with extensions / Partial dreadlocks with extensions

Dreadlocks with extensions means that when you have your new installation, I can create the length that you like. Since you lose a little length when having your hair made into dreadlocks, often clients like to maintain their current length or even go for a longer length than before!

 I recommend Human hair for dreadlock extensions. I only use the best quality human hair for extension. I mix a variety of colours during the installation to match your hair and crochet this additional hair to each dreadlock individually. The technique I use it the crochet and backcomb method with a root tie at the scalp.

If you are wanting a new installation with extensions, please send me photographs (close-up roots and full length) of your natural hair so I can provide a more accurate price. It is also helpful to send me images of the 'look' you are wanting to achieve. You can send these via facebook messenger ( or by emailing them to If you are wanting dreadlock extensions, I also require a sample of your hair. We can either arrange a consultation appointment in person or via Zoom and you can send a sample to me through the post.

This service usually takes 2/3 days depending on length and amount of dreadlocks required. 

Permanent Dreadlocks with (human hair) extensions:


For Dreadlocks with extensions, use this as a guide for the length that you want your dreadlocks to be:


Partial Dreads with extensions (2 rows, usually bottom two)

Short dreads (above shoulder) £150*

Medium length dreads (shoulder to mid back) £180*

Long dreads (longer than mid back) £210*

Extra long dreads (bum length) £250*


Half head Dreads with extensions (Usually 3 rows)

Short dreads (above shoulder) £250*

Medium length dreads (shoulder to mid back) £330*

Long dreads (longer than mid back) £500*

Extra long dreads (bum length) £630*


Mohawk or Top section Dreads with extensions

Short & Spiky (above ear) £230*

Medium length (to neck hairline/enough to tie back) £330*

Long length Dreads (below neck hairline to mid back) £460*


Full head Dreads with extensions

Medium – (to shoulder or above)  £600*

Long – (below shoulder to mid back) £920*

Extra long- (to lower back/bum) £1,200.00)


Price list (*From: dependent on your current hair length/thickness, how many dreads you will have & how you would like the tips. Price also dependent on the actual human hair cost at time of purchase).

New Dreadlocks with extensions: Services
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