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inside salon to hire.jpg

Are you a loctician needing a professional, fully equipped space to work?

At a bespoke studio/salon in a beautiful creative town; Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire?

I am looking for a creative person, who loves dreadlocks, can manage their own client base, and has the experience to offer clients a fantastic professional service in all aspects of Dreadlock making and maintenance (temporary/permanent/extensions/decoration etc).

New enquiries are coming in fast, and I am looking for an additional loctician to join me, to help meet this need for new clients. Enthusiasm, flexibility, reliability, quality of work and professionalism is a must.

The studio is available 2-3 days per week (initially) on a fixed rental per day basis.

If this suits your business, please Direct Message me, or email

Please include some info about you, any social media links and examples of your work.

Thank you


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