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Temporary Dreadlocks

Synthetic and wool dreads can be installed in hair with a minimum length of 10 cm / 4". They last around 2/3 months and can be reused endlessly! Single ened dreadlocks can either be attached to dreaded hair or un-dreaded hair by plaiting them in at the root. 

They are plaited in and are harmless for your hair, easy to take care of and easy to take out again. This is a good option if you like to change your hair style or want to try before you want to commit to permanent dreadlocks. You can have one, a few, or a full head installed too!

At Heblocks I sell individual wool dreadlocks made by @Lea_and_elfie but do not sell wool or synthetic dreadlocks for a full head installation*. I can install them for you though and you can buy these from a variety of makers. I recommend the following suppliers:

NOAIDI Dreads (local - based in Blackburn) Bespoke and ready made synthetic dreads.


For single accent dreads I recommend  

You can find out more about synthetic dreadlocks here

Time frame: around 3 hours for a full head installation. 


Plaiting in of temporary synthetic Dreads: £55 (Full head). 

  • Removal of temporary dreads & deep cleanse, wash, comb & dry from £60


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