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Where to buy  products and temporary synthetic dreadlocks 

Hair care products:


There are many products for dreadlocks on the market. I recommend the shampoo below because I have either used it myself, know they are effective or use them in the salon.


I stock a range of Dollylocks products in my studio however you can also purchase them online from the websites below:


New dreadlocks (up to a year old) or preparing your hair for dreadlocks:

  • Dollylocks Shampoo Bar

  • Knotty Boy dreadlock shampoo bar

Mature locks over a year old:

  • Dollylocks liquid shampoo

  • Knotty Boy liquid shampoo


There is a newer range of products by Raw Roots. Although I have not tried them myself yet, they are also vegan, and residue free and organic and do not contain harmful silicones. If the products above are hard to source, Raw Roots could be an alternative to try.

Where to buy Synthetic temporary dreadlocks: (sadly I don't have time to make them myself but I am happy to install them for you :-)

NOAIDI Dreads (local - based in Blackburn) Bespoke and ready made synthetic dreads.

I can install these for you, please click here for further information 

Wool dreadlocks:


I stock individual beautiful hand crafted accent wool dreadlocks (by Lea_and_elfi) in my studio and you can view their work here:

For full sets of Wool dreadlocks, please look on Etsy. 

Where to buy: About
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